Our Products

Since 2021, SWV has been designing and building software applications that are robust & functional, yet incredibly easy to use.
  • StarfishChat Example Chat
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    Instant expertise; endless possibilities. Experience the future of customer service with an AI-powered chatbot that understands your customers, drives sales, and redefines support.
  • GateCheck Screenshot
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    A simple all-in-one solution for managing guest & visitor access in private communities, schools, and business parks. GateCheck provides communities of all sizes with security, logging, & access efficiency in an easy-to-use and intuitive package.
  • ParkPay Screenshot
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    A custom designed webapp with offline capabilities that allow Park Wardens to easily identify the payment status of vessels & guests visiting marine protected areas. Wardens can accept payments whilst on patrol, issue receipts, and view the status of vessels which have pre-paid fees online. Robust reporting allows admin staff to stay in-tune with daily marine park operations.

Let's Solve Your Problem

In addition to our suite of off-the-shelf products, we can provide custom and semi-custom solutions built specificly for your business or use case.