Online Payments, Made Easy

Our payment portals are simple, effective, and cost friendly to implement. There are no complex integrations or technical know-how needed from your team.
FF Payment Portal

Experience The Benefits Of Online Payments

Our Payment Portal solutions are a game-changer for small & medium businesses.
  • Better for Business

    • Boost cash flow
    • Accelerate revenue realization
    • Expand your customer base
    • Have a redundant back-up in the event of an instore terminal outage
  • Better for Customers

    • A quick & easy way to settle bills
    • Customers prefer using card to increase point earnings & obtain better dating
    • Increased loyalty thanks to frictionless transactions
  • Easy & Stress Free

    • Secure, safe, and simple
    • Reduce administrative burden & liability
    • No complex integrations
    • No technical know-how or deep training needed

How It Works

We work closely with your company (& your bank) to ensure the entire process of setting up your payment portal is easy and stress-free.
  • 1

    Design & Feel

    After you decide to move ahead, we will get started creating a 'dummy' version of your new payment portal.

    This will allow us to iron out the design & feel of the page itself, plus the form fields for the data you wish to collect from your customers.

    CBS Payment Portal Design
  • 2

    Contact Your Bank & Payment Gateway

    We will provide you with specific instructions on how to reach out to your bank with your request to accept online payments so that your existing merchant account can be properly configured for your new payment portal.

    We will also introduce you to our contact at First Atlantic Commerce (our preferred Payment Gateway) to open your merchant account.

    We will be there to assist you with filling out any required forms, and answering any questions that either party may have.

    Contact Bank
  • 3

    Test/Staging Credentials

    The Payment Gateway will then issue your test credentials. Nothing is required on your part, but these test credentials will essentially allow us to get the payment portal operational & processing test cards.

    At this point, you will be able to see & experience every step of the process (including processing a fake payment, your transactional emails, your merchant admin dashboard, etc).

    Test/Staging Credentials
  • 4

    Bank Approval

    Once you are satisfied with the performance of the test transactions, we will then submit the URL of the Payment Portal to your bank.

    Your bank will test the transaction flow to ensure it meets their criteria, and once satisfied, they will approve. Once approved, you will receive your 'live' credentials - these are used to process real credit/debit card transactions.

    Bank Approval
  • 5

    Go Live!

    Once we get the live credentials, the process to 'Go-Live' is easy & quick! You make the internal changes you need (updating documents with the payment portal URL, informing your customers, etc) and then we can begin using the payment portal!

    Don't worry, our team will be on hand to provide guidance, training, and insight as needed to ensure the smooth flow of payment portal transactions!

    Go Live!

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Increase your cash flow, while satisfying the growing demand from customers to use credit/debit card over bank transfer. 

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In addition to our suite of off-the-shelf products, we can provide custom and semi-custom solutions built specificly for your business or use case.